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Grass Fed Organic Beef and CLA, The Answer For Weight Loss

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If you love grass fed organic beef, there are plenty of benefits for your health that you can enjoy including weight-loss. In fact, many CLA supplements are sold in the market nowadays because of its growing popularity as a natural cancer fighter and its power to speed up your metabolism without adverse effect for your health.

What is CLA?

CLA is the abbreviation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid popular for promoting health vitality. This good fat was fist identified in 1978 by Dr. Michael Pariza while experimenting beef extract as a pigment for preventing cancer. The results of his research became a fire starter for more researchers to find out the other amazing benefits of CLA for human health.

How does CLA From Grass Fed Organic Beef Works?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid works in human body in four wonderful ways.

Human body contains an enzyme called LPL or Lipoprotein Lipase. LPL is responsible for breaking down the fats from your food and storing them in the your body. By eating grass fed organic beef with plenty of CLA, it suppresses LPL functions that makes your body store little fat while converting more of it into energy instead.

CLA significantly decreases the size and number of adipocytes or fat cells in your body.

In human body, there is a natural process that allows the fat cells to disintegrate. It is called “apoptosis” which is a medical jargon for cell suicide or cell disintegration. CLA from grass fed organic beef allows the cells to disintegrate faster by increasing the rate of apoptosis. It results to a decreased number of fat stored in your body.

For individuals who wanted to stay healthy by reducing fat intake, grass fed organic beef is a good addition for a meat diet. Since grass fed organic beef has natural lean meat, consumers can enjoy food that promises not only delicious taste, but also total health advantages.


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